Profesional translation services for global companies.

Professional translation services for global companies.

It may well be that it all starts with a single word, a phrase or an idea. The adaptation of this content to a global market is more and more important.

Customer focused language services

Quick turnaround time protocol translation, fully automated website or social media localization, international search engine optimization, or a dedicated team of professionals at your service that extend your in-house team? We know our customers and based on their business goals and technology requirements, we recommend the best services from our extensive portfolio. We discuss an onboarding plan with you, and help you become the champion of globalization at your organization.
“The satisfaction of our clients is our best endorsement as a company”

Our customers endorse us

“High quality, backed by excellent product support and excellent customer service”

“We trust them, and they always find the right solution for us.”

“On Global is without a doubt the best translation company I have worked with”

On Global’s Commitments

Customer focus

We put our experience, knowledge, technology and processes at the customer’s disposal. We go the extra mile to understand the role translation has to play in the customer’s organization, and provide solutions that facilitate or even automate the work. We understand the different translation models and maturity levels, and we care about your corporate and your personal needs. We scale up our offering based on your actual needs.


We feel responsible for the work we do. We provide what we sell, and you are always welcome to check it. Our documented and agreed processes are rigorously followed.


Because your peace of mind is important to us, we maintain the utmost confidentiality for all documentation and personal data provided to us when we perform consultancy and translation work. Similarly, we guarantee that all of this will be used only for the provision of the service agreed and that it will be treated with full discretion. Your trust is paramount. All of our external suppliers are accountable to On Global through a confidentiality contract, and we use secure technology to store and transmit your data.

Respect for the environment

We are an eco-friendly company. We are convinced that all production must be accompanied by a sustainable growth policy, and integrate the environmental protection into all of our usual practices of client communication and in every stage of the creation processes. In this regard, we are part of the initiative Pacto Verde (Green Agreement), promoted by the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz in 2012, when it was elected European Green Capital.