Translation Services

General or technical, medical or industrial, legal or simple, we can take on any type of translation thanks to expert linguists native in the target language.

Guarantee your content is well translated

A good translation is essential if you want your messages to have an impact on your target audience. But what makes a translation good? To produce top-notch translations, even when you have an excellent command of the source and target language, you also need to be an expert on grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, tone, style, among many other elements. At On Global, we have an international network of translators and reviewers to guarantee that your messages are crafted professionally and comply with the idiomatic tendencies of the country you want to address.

Quality Standards

Unlike most transactions between companies, a translation buyer is not always qualified to judge the value of the acquisition. To build transparency in the business process, we follow standards that secure quality for our clients. At On Global, our translations are subject to revision by a specialist in the sector according to UNE-EN 15038, a European standard specially written for translation services which guarantees quality and traceability in the provision of the service.

Our Expertise

At On Global, we know exactly what translation buyers expect, mainly because the founders of this company started out as translators themselves. Today, we have more than 10 years serving companies in the automotive, software, life science, and many other vertical markets. We combine our human capital with the most advanced translation technology tools to handle projects of any size, into and from any language, guaranteeing optimum management, the correct translation of the documentation and the maintenance of the terminology and style criteria agreed.

Why choose us?

Translation technology to save costs

Experience with big brands

Fast turn-around times

Dedicated project management

Our customers endorse us

“We have been working with On Global for 9 years, and if we had to choose one word that defines the company, it would be efficiency. This efficiency spans the translations themselves, turnaround times and methods of working and advising clients, thereby creating a supplier/client relationship based on efficiency at all levels.”
Jokin Orueta, Technical Documentation Manager

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