“Integral communication solutions”

Translation and technical writing, transcriptions, website and software localisation, interpreting processes, consultancy, document management… Our services provide integral solutions to any situation that may arise in any company’s work. Thanks to a professional team capable of tackling any language and our advanced software systems, we can provide the support you need in your consolidation or expansion into new markets. Enabling fluent and effective channels of communication is the first step a company takes towards internationalisation, regardless of the target sector or market; we work to ensure that this challenge is easy for our customers.


We have an international network of translators, reviewers, technical specialists and consultants all over the world to guarantee that the service complies with the idiomatic tendencies of the country we are addressing. Thanks to this human value, our experience and the use of the most advanced language software, we are able to handle translations into and from any language, guaranteeing optimum management, the correct translation of the documentation and the maintenance of the terminology and style criteria agreed.


An essential tool for the internationalisation of any company, transcreation is based on the adaptation of advertising content taking into account the target audience. It is not about translating words, but about recreating a message and making it reach the right audience, in other words, creativity applied to translation. The perfect combination of TRANSLATION and CREATION. As experts in translation, localisation and creative wording, we are equipped to apply transcreation processes to any advertising or marketing campaign you may propose, thus supporting the international success of your work.

Graphics and DTP

The department responsible for this task ensures that all translated catalogues look the same as the original catalogue provided, maintaining the format, the structure and the program with which it was created. Moreover, true to our commitment to providing multilingual global solutions, we have an experienced graphic design team able to design, recreate and develop any ideas you may propose. We will take on any specialised challenge. At On Global, we understand design not as an objective in itself, but rather as an instrument for promoting the product or service your company wishes to market. With this conviction, we offer versatile responses appropriate for the communication needs suggested by the customer and imposed by the market.

Terminology Management

So much so that it is vitally important to have an appropriate period of time, stipulated previously, for terminology maintenance and updating within the translation memories (linguistic databases that store the original texts and their translations for future use). Moreover, and to provide a more efficient service, we draw up guides that standardise the terminology and style for each company, where, in addition to extracting key terms for each project, we correct and implement terms suggested by the entity or the linguist. In consonance with our policy of transparency and proximity, if they wish, our customers can access their translation memories so they can consult the updates that our teams make to them in real time, and check or modify the terminology where necessary.


Our services within this area include the translation or localisation of the text strings to adapt them to the target market, the subsequent evaluation of the translated components and consultancy for the preparation of a source code that notably simplifies the subsequent handling of that content within the software. This whole process is carried out using the most advanced computer assisted translation tools on the market, which not only substantially shortens delivery times, but also improves coherence in the terminology and results in economic savings for the customer.
The mission of On Global is to guarantee fluent communication between the parties involved, whether this is in private meetings where the aim is to do business, at conferences or trade fairs and institutional events. The guarantee of our professionalism and confidentiality will go with you wherever you require our help.


We draw up consultancy studies on the various processes involving linguistic criteria. With this in mind, we address two types of strategy, depending on the objectives and needs expressed by the client: Establish a firm basis that simplifies the localisation and transcreation processes prior to the launch of a new product in an international market. • Assess the language skills of company staff CHECK Our consultancy services have helped numerous entities to simplify their management processes, their multilingual documentation flow and their assignment of people to the different tasks within the job. Prior consultancy also enables us to protocol the requirements of the customer, as well as adapt the procedures and maintain the translation memories and terminology databases within a clear, coherent and concise process.