We are a company that consults needs, executes solutions and measures results.

We are an important partner for companies that want to accelerate their development in foreign markets with an effective interpretation service and integral multilingual communication solutions. We are based in the Basque Country and Barcelona, two regions that are among the most industrial and high-tech areas in Europe. Our international team comes from six countries and has many years of experience in project management, vendor management, translation automation and client consultancy. We have solved many problems ranging from terminology management and customer review, through translation memory management when there are multiple translation vendors and the extension of in-house translation teams when there is an increased workload, to translation management system deployment and full translation automation. And yes, we also happily work with companies who just want to get high quality translations done in an efficient and care-free way.

Leadership team

Amaya Montoya

Managing partner

Gonzalo Urriza

Managing partner