We are focused on the client’s needs. On Global is here to help you grow.

We are a leader in the communication services industry with a global presence, specialising in technical translations in all language combinations worldwide. All of our work is rooted in our professional values of efficacy, quality, innovation, communication, and the backing of our customers.

“We partner with our customers to accelerate their success in foreign markets.”

Our value proposition

We specialize in manufacturing, automotive, dental, and biosciences translations, thus we know the needs of these companies very well. We have a deep understanding of the market segments we serve; we understand not only your translation processes but also why you need things translated.
Focus on the customer’s journey

We know that the localization maturity of companies differ. Some companies only need to have some documents translated, but want to see who ordered translations for budgeting reasons, others need fully automated translation management into dozens of languages. Some need help with localizing their products, including software systems, others need help with marketing and social media.

Full range of services

We provide a full range of services to choose from, from internationalization advice through translation automation to customer review solutions. We combine these regulated, documented services to satisfy your needs.

Technology expertise
We are the only Across-certified translation service provider in Spain. We use memoQ and Across as the main tools, but also work with other tools for different customers. We do not only use these tools – we provide consultancy in deployment, integrations, and optimization.

We work well with others

We focus on your goals, your requirements and your working methods. Our goal is not to sell more: it is to understand what works best for you, even if that means sharing the work with other translation companies or your internal translation team.

Onboarding plan

We provide customer onboarding for each and every customer. We help you feel comfortable in managing translations by sharing our knowledge and agreeing on a roadmap. We agree on the quality criteria upfront so that you get what you expect, with objective KPIs. We proactively provide advice on how to advance the agenda of translation and localization with us and within your organization.

We incorporate customer feedback

Our processes are documented, but not inflexible. We are happy to discuss your own review needs. In many cases your local sales offices want to have a say in translations, and we enable them to do so.

Dedicated translation team
For customers who work on high-volume or frequently recurring projects with On Global, we recruit a dedicated translation team which gives you full access to the translators and reviewers. You can provide them subject matter training, request them a specific style, or just verify their credentials to support your quality commitment or ISO certification.

150 projects per month

5000+ global collaborators

Global presence

200 million words translated per year

Layout and design of 75 documents a week

1000+ clients